Monday, October 6, 2008

Motorcycles, Mauna Kea and more

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Video - Dean and I riding up on Mana Road April 2010

Furlough Fridays

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some More Bike Riding on the Big Island, First 2 photos are of my cattle round up I did, on dirt bikes, at Southpoint - to busy to take photos - but lots of fun! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- just Me, Ho'o, and Nicole, some fast bikes - and a 15 minute trip to Waikoloa, your typical 150mph Sunday ride 2

3 --------

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another Camping trip up at Kilohana Hunters Station - different part of Mauna Kea State Park. My Wife Kimi, My son Dean, My nephew Joey What else would you use a horse trailer for? Camping on our friends 5 acres Kaohe Ranch, and getting some riding in. I told my wife - you stick to teaching him how to ride horses, and I will teach him how to ride bikes You knew this had to happen! ___________________________________________________________________________________ Dean and I back in 2004